New LMS Interface Upgrades Coming Soon

CITI Program will soon release a major update to the interface of its learning management system (LMS). This is the second phase of our LMS upgrades, which began last year with new formats for module presentation and a more responsive design to better support mobile devices and smaller screens. Ultimately, learners should find the updated displays more intuitive and easier to navigate.  

When will the next LMS update happen?
The planned launch date is Sunday, 9 December 2018.

What is changing this time?
There will be an update to all LMS pages that learners routinely access, including:

  • “Courses” – where learners begin after logging in (formerly known as “Main Menu”)
  • “Records” – where learners can access information about their past course completions
  • “Profiles” – where learners enter information about themselves and their preferences
  • “CE” – where learners set or change CE preferences, and pages associated with credit purchases 
  • “Gradebook” – pages that list the modules of each course and their status, along with quiz results
  • “Module Display” – where the module content itself is presented
  • “Quiz Display” – where quizzes are presented and scored

What is not changing?
Aside from updated headers and footers, there will be no changes to the pages that organizational administrators routinely use (under the “Admin” navigation). Those updates will occur in 2019.

How much of a change is it?
This is an evolutionary revision, with visible changes to all the pages listed above with respect to navigation elements, labels, and explanatory tooltips, as well as new fonts and colors. Learners with previous experience using the LMS should be able to find what they are looking for in mostly the same places, and work through their courses in essentially the same way. 

How will CITI Program assist learners in handling this change?
There will be a “take a tour of the new format” video link on the login page, available for persons who would like a quick guided exploration. All of our Support Center articles will be updated to reflect the interface changes. For learners with questions not solved by these materials, the CITI Program Support Group will be available by phone and email as always.

Do I need to update my documents about how to use CITI Program?
Possibly not. The login process (and the login page) remains the same, and after login the changes are mostly self-explanatory. However, if your organization has detailed “how to use” documentation, particularly if it includes screenshots of the LMS pages listed above, you may want to update those.

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