christian o

Christian O.

Veterinary Epidemiologist

I liked the fact that links were provided for further reading.

Course Taken
cynthia w

Cynthia W.

Telecom Specialist

I liked the historical context of ethical research and description of the IRB process.

Course Taken
rebecca m

Rebecca M.

Research Program Director

The site is immensely improved over when I first used it around 2008. You’ve done a great job of making it easier to navigate and of creating really useful quiz questions. I think the scenarios do a very good job of establishing whether people really understand how to apply the information.

Course Taken
lina r

Lina R.

Graduate Student

Great examples and case analyses. Practical applications of the matters being reviewed were insightful. Updated and high quality information from experts on the topics are definitely one of the best added values of CITI Program training.

Course Taken
megan c

Megan C.

Graduate Student

Short, straightforward, and clear.

Course Taken
marla s

Marla S.

Associate Professor

As an educator, I appreciate what CITI Program has to offer to my students. The subject matter is relevant and applicable to their practice. I use CITI Program in the Nursing Research course I teach. The ability to retake the quizzes reinforces the newly acquired knowledge. Keep up the good work!

Course Taken
mahmoud a

Mahmoud A.

Graduate Student

I appreciated being able to retake quizzes and the explanations for wrong answers.

Course Taken
rania a

Rania A.

Research Project Manager

Sections are labeled great. If I know the content from one section, I can skip it and go to the next to spend more time learning where needed.

Course Taken
jemee t

Jemee T.

Assistant Director, External Partnerships

The difference between the FDA Regulations (21 CFR 50 and 56) and the ICH E6 Guidelines under the various themes of GCP are well explained and understood.

Course Taken
larry s

Larry S.

Research Technician

Thank you for such an enjoyable experience! This includes the beginning registration to the last quiz. I particularly liked the section on genetics and pharmacogenics.

Course Taken
nia h

Nia H.

Dissertation Chair/Mentor

The content was great! I liked the conversational tone and language.

Course Taken
cory k

Cory K.

Clinical Site Coordinator

I enjoy the timely, relevant content and expect basic research principles to emerge as refreshers to our core regulations & guidance in research.

Course Taken
gladys a

Gladys A.

Nursing Officer

The modules on research misconduct were very interesting.

Course Taken
hayden b

Hayden B.

Research Assistant

I liked that the information presented was very easy to digest.

Course Taken
nora a

Nora A.

Doctoral Student

This course was a complete overview of what I should know. I would like to take additional courses just to become more knowledgeable.

Course Taken
md afjal

Md Afjal Khan P.

Graduate Research Assistant

The course gave detailed descriptions with real-life examples.

Course Taken
brianna w

Brianna W.

Biomedical Engineering Student

I enjoyed the case study portions or real-world scenarios.

Course Taken
martha r

Martha R.

Chair/Associate Professor

All aspects of responsible conduct of research are presented in a well-organized manner. The amount of information per unit is just right to sustain interest, to comprehend, and retain information. Videos and text are aligned with the content, which makes it easy to understand.

Course Taken
blair c

Blair C.

Environmental Resilience and Decisionmaking Analyst

The case studies were very illustrative and informative.

Course Taken
emily g

Emily G.

Student Researcher

I enjoyed the simple language used, the organization of each module, and the option for audio-visual or regular reading. This course helped me figure out exactly what I should expect during the IRB approval process. This made me feel more confident and organized about the logistics of my project.

Course Taken
ruby p

Ruby P.

Family Nurse Practitioner

The audio option was nice and the case studies with explanations and examples help to apply the knowledge. From a Doctoral student perspective, the program was well designed and the content was pertinent to assist me in acquiring the knowledge essential in preparing me as a Nurse Researcher.

Course Taken
John W.

John W.

Vice-President of Academic Affairs

“Thorough and easy to understand. I found it very beneficial to understanding the various aspects of research as well as what is and what is not allowed.”

Timothy A.

Timothy A.

Consultant Surgeon

“My interest in carrying out unbiased research has been heightened.”

Vinay P.

Vinay P.

Senior pathologist

“Detailed examples. Very nice graphics”