Experience & Reputation

Organizations around the world, including the top 25 best national universities and all of the academic medical centers in the U.S., rely on CITI Program for their research, ethics, compliance, and professional development education needs. In addition, the U.S. military, government agencies, cutting edge technology companies, and many of the most prestigious companies involved in research today use our training program.

1,600,000+ Courses Taken Last Year
2,500+ Subscribing Organizations Worldwide
1,000,000+ Active Learners

By The Numbers

We have been at the forefront of online research, ethics, safety, and compliance training since our founding in 2000. Our content developers are leaders in their fields, many with more than 40 years of experience. We are committed to maintaining our leadership position by continuing to enhance our offerings and stay on top of the latest regulations and expert thinking in research, ethics, safety, and compliance.

  • 23 years serving the education and science communities
  • Utilized by the Top-25 Best National Universities
  • Utilized by the Top-25 Ranked U.S. Hospitals
  • 95% of Carnegie R1 Research Universities are 10+ Years Subscribers
  • 12 million+ total learners
  • 22 million+ total course completions
  • 36 total courses and webinars added in 2021
  • Over 200 expert content contributors incorporate various perspectives
  • 37 CE/CME certified courses
“Training touches on realistic examples that may potentially occur in the research field. Undergoing these courses allows us to have a better idea of the regulations and regulatory bodies involved in research.”
Rachel C, Laboratory Executive

Why Is CITI Program The Standard?


Our platform allows for customizable course options for different groups of learners with different needs. This ensures everyone at your organizations learns only what they need to. Refresher content provides easy retraining without repetition or redundancy.
For organizations that require simple setups or expedited account activation, we provide the option to use our standard course settings, based on content recommendations by our authors and course content experts. Easy learner enrollment means no manual data entry.

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Dynamic & Engaging

Engaged learners are successful learners. Our audio-visual course format along with video vignettes, case studies, and knowledge checks create an interactive learning experience to promote maximum comprehension. Organizations can require role-specific training and topic-specific training for competency domains. Our courses are dynamic, animated, and always developed with the latest eLearning techniques in mind.

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Track, Measure, and Benchmark

CITI Program offers an easy to manage turnkey solution that organizations can use to train entire groups of learners affordably. Account administrators can access course progress, completion data, and documentation. Our custom reporting features provide subscribing organizations with flexible data options for their analytics.

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Customer Success Team & Support

We’re committed to the successful utilization of our training platform. Our Customer Success Team guides new organizations through the onboarding process to satisfy specific training needs, including account customization. Once online, our support team provides assistance to organizational administrators while our fully-dedicated help desk assists your learners. Our Support Center offers on-demand articles and training materials for additional help.

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Unlock Your Staff's Full Potential

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Upskill, Retrain & Onboard

Empower your team to hone the skills necessary to succeed now and in future endeavors.

Maintain Engagement and Motivation

Short modules, webinars, and interactive course experiences promote a positive learning environment.

Mobile Training Support

For those who prefer or need to access CITI Program on tablets and mobile phones, our LMS and Support sites accommodate a wide range of screen sizes.

Meet Organizational Goals

Make sure your organization is meeting required research, safety, and compliance training to efficiently achieve team goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my organization start using CITI Program?

Your organization can sign up for a base subscription, each of which includes its own core subject areas. Your organization can include additional content and customization options for additional fees. See pricing details or subscribe online now.

If you have questions or prefer to subscribe by phone, please call us at 888.529.5929 (U.S.) or +1 305.907.3100 (outside U.S.) Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., U.S. eastern time zone.

How can my organization track the progress of learners?

An organization’s designated CITI Program admin can receive a completion report in a daily email, create them on an as needed basis, or schedule an automated download. We can also create custom reports based on your needs. Automated downloads and custom reports are available for an additional one-time set up fee.

How does this training fit with our other educational components?

CITI Program content is designed to be part of an overall foundation of training. We recommend that organizations build frameworks of training that combine CITI Program content with face-to-face training, one-on-one mentoring, and other types of learning opportunities, as appropriate to the particular topics and their organizational cultures.

Which courses are included in the base subscription?

We currently offer 6 base subscription options - Research I, Research II, Higher Education, Health & Safety, Science Fairs, and "Make your Own." Each subscription includes unlimited access to its available courses for learners at each of your organization’s paid sites. Visit our Organizational Subscription page for more details.

Can I add courses to my base subscription?

Yes, you can add courses to your base subscription for an additional cost per year/per site at any time. Please review the course catalog to review your options.

What other customization options does CITI Program offer?

We strive to meet the needs of our subscribing organizations and learners, and offer many customization options. In addition to the ability to include institutional-specific content and select content from across CITI Program courses, we offer custom reporting, automated report downloading, translation services, and Single Sign-On.

Can content be customized to fit specific needs?

Yes, we can develop organizational-specific content for an additional fee. After your organization subscribes, we can work with your designated CITI Program admin to implement custom content or you can contact us for more information.

You can also call us at 888.529.5929 (U.S.) or +1 305.907.3100 (outside U.S.) Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, U.S. eastern time zone.