How does CITI Program develop courses?

CITI Program courses are developed by experts and rigorously peer reviewed to incorporate various perspectives and ensure accuracy, completeness, and overall quality. In addition, we review them on an ongoing basis to make sure they align with the most current thinking and federal requirements.

Does CITI Program accept course/content suggestions?

How do CITI Program admins access learner completion information?

An organization’s designated CITI Program admin can receive a completion report in a daily email, create them on an as needed basis, or schedule an automated download. We can also create custom reports based on your needs. Automated downloads and custom reports are available for an additional one-time set up fee.

Is the content kept up-to-date?

Yes, courses are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure consistency with the most recent mandates and thinking. We also stay on top of changes to regulations and update relevant course content accordingly.

How long does it take to complete a course?

CITI Program courses consist of various modules that contain detailed content, images, supplemental materials (such as case studies), and a quiz. The modules vary in length, and learners may require different amounts of time to complete them based on their familiarity and knowledge of the topic. As a rule of thumb, modules are designed to take about 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

How do learners document completion of a course?

Learners can download a completion report for courses they have finished with a passing score anytime online by logging into their account. This report can be printed or shared by a unique online link when needed.

Does CITI Program work with electronic submission systems used by IRBs and IACUCs to provide access to learner data?

Yes, CITI Program can usually be integrated with these third-party protocol management systems for an additional fee. Our technical team can provide more information based on the vendor(s) you use.

Are courses available in languages other than English?

Yes. See Content Maintained by Language in the Support Center for a complete list of content available in languages including Spanish, Korean, and more. We may also be able to offer translation services for an additional fee.