sIRB Subscriptions

Why do I have to purchase an additional subscription for my organization?

Your organization’s existing CITI Program subscription allows for users that are affiliated to your organization by way of being an employee, student, or agent. If your organization is now providing sIRB services, where it will require individuals not affiliated to your organization (employees, students, or agents of another organization) to complete CITI Program courses to meet the sIRB’s training requirements, a separate CITI Program subscription is needed to accommodate training for these learners who are not otherwise affiliated with your organization.

Our organization is going to be a sIRB (or central IRB, or CIRB, or primary site in a multi-site trial), how do we give them access to CITI?

The organization serving as an sIRB would purchase a separate CITI Program annual subscription for sIRB purposes.  The account would be named “Organization Name – sIRB” or something similar.  The sIRB would need to instruct its non-affiliated learners to affiliate specifically to the sIRB labeled account when logging into CITI Program to ensure they are completing the training required for sIRB purposes.  The annual subscription fee for the sIRB program is $4,000.

How do I purchase an additional sIRB subscription for our organization?

How does this additional subscription affect my current subscription?

The sIRB subscription with CITI Program will be handled and administered as a separate and distinct training program for your organization’s sIRB training needs. It will have no overlap with your existing CITI Program account that accommodates training for users affiliated with your organization. This will allow the sIRB to create a separate curriculum for sIRB purposes, to name a separate Administrator(s) for sIRB purposes, and will allow for separate tracking of course usage and completions for sIRB purposes.

If our organization adds an sIRB site subscription, does it work the same in relation to learner completions and credit across organizations?

Yes, it will work the same for these purposes.