Our History

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National Institutes of Health (NIH) Introduces Requirement for Human Subjects Research Training

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Continuing Education Credits Launched

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Version 2.0 of Learning Management System (LMS)

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CITI Program Acquired by BRANY from University of Miami

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Revised Common Rule Implemented

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Continue to Launch Version 3.0 of LMS

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Expansion of our podcast lineup to include On Campus, On Tech, and On Research with CITI Program. Listen on your favorite podcast platforms.

Our Story

See why so many organizations rely on CITI Program for efficient and effective training.

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Our Mission

CITI Program identifies education and training needs in the communities we serve and provides high quality, peer-reviewed, web-based educational materials to meet those needs.

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Our focus areas include courses in ethics, research, meeting regulatory requirements, responsible conduct of research, research administration and other topics pertinent to the interests of member organizations, individual learners, and society. 

These materials are designed and regularly updated to:

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Enhance the integrity and professionalism of medical, healthcare, technology, and higher education communities, staff, and students conducting research or other compliance-related activities in the United States and globally.  

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Educate members, administrators and organizational leadership of ethics committees and compliance entities to enable them to conduct their oversight and credentialing duties effectively, efficiently and professionally.

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Promote ethical research at organizations where research is conducted through the education of research administrators and organizational leadership.

Our Commitment To Diversity & Inclusion

CITI Program is committed to providing access for all and equal opportunities for learners, employees, and applicants for employment, in compliance with accepted best practices and applicable laws.

Our Path Ahead

CITI Program will continue to expand to meet the ever-growing needs of the research, healthcare, technology, and educational organizations that rely on us to train learners globally. We plan to continue to build new content offerings, invest in enhancing the learning management features and delivery, and continuously improve the quality and value of our program. As CITI Program enters its third decade, we will aim to remain a trusted partner and the preeminent choice for organizations to meet their training needs.

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