Organizational Subscriptions

Organizations can sign up for a base subscription and select additional courses as needed.
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Sign Up for a Base Subscription

An annual base subscription fee includes unlimited access to six (6) courses/series for learners at each of your organization’s sites*. We also offer an option to customize your base subscription (“Make Your Own”) by selecting six (6) courses of your own choosing from our expanding library.



Annual base fee:
$4,000 USD
per site



Annual base fee:
$4,500 USD
per site


*A “site” is a facility or organization operated by or affiliated with a subscribing institution where 30 or more employees, agents, or students of the institution will complete CITI Program courses in a given year. Large institutions with a high learner volume, virtual learner groups, healthcare systems, and other complex organizations may be considered equivalent to multiple sites. Each site shall be required to pay a CITI Program base subscription fee. Due to the increased trend in organizational and site mergers, we want to remind our institutions that a merger does not result in two base subscriptions becoming one, since our costs of supporting these current and future learners typically do not change. Please contact us to discuss your organizational subscription needs.

Individuals who aren’t affiliated with a subscribing organization can purchase courses online (learn more).

Add to Your Base Subscription

During the subscription process, you can add courses for an additional fee to offer learners more than the content included in the base subscription.

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