Setting Up CITI Program

After your organization subscribes to CITI Program, we will begin implementation, which can be done within days depending on the amount of customization required.

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Step 1

Select Your CITI Program Administrators

Select Your CITI Program Administrators

Your organization will need to identify one or more individuals to serve as CITI Program administrators to work with CITI Program staff. Your administrators will be our main point of contact and responsible for helping us set up, customize, and implement your organization’s training. They will also have access to admin tools to track progress such as completion reports. We recommend keeping the number of administrators to a minimum to improve efficiency and selecting them based on the courses your organization plans to use.

Step 2

Set Up Learner Groups

We will work with your administrators to set up one or more learner groups, each of which has access to a particular set of courses. You can use our standard recommended learner groups or customize to fit your needs. We will also create registration questions to direct all of the different kinds of learners you might have to their appropriate learner groups. Our team will use this information to configure CITI Program for your organization and review it with your administrators.

When your organization’s learners set up their accounts, they will be asked the registration questions to determine which learner groups they should be included in. They can change learner groups at any time to add or remove courses.

Select Your CITI Program Administrators

Step 3

Customize Your CITI Program

CITI Program is flexible and can be customized in many ways, such as:

Instruction Page

Include specific instructions for using CITI Program at your organization.

Contacts Page

Include contact information for critical departments and individuals at your organization.

Course Selection

Select content from across the CITI Program courses included in your subscription to create a custom program for your learner groups. You can update them at any time.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Enable learners to log in to CITI Program with the same user name and password they use for your organization’s information systems.

Automated Downloads

Schedule automated downloading of reports into your LMS or other learner records systems.

Institutional-Specific Content

Add institutional-specific course content, which will only be accessible by your organization's learners.

Custom Reporting

Create reports with the data you need to manage CITI Program effectively at your organization.


Request translation services to offer languages not currently available.

Step 4

Track Progress

Track Progress

CITI Program administrators can receive completion reports in a daily email, create them on an as-needed basis, or schedule an automated download for a one-time set up fee. Learners also receive completion reports that can be printed or shared by a unique online link when needed.

View Using CITI Content: An Introduction for more details.