CE/CME Credits

What is CITI Program's Continuing Education Awards Program?

Continuing education credits are available with many CITI Program courses. This allows professional learners completing their research ethics and compliance training to apply time investment toward their professional recertification as well.

Types of credits available to credentialed professions (Physicians, Nurses, Psychologists, Pharmacists, Dentists, Optometrists, Social Workers, Dietitians, and Athletic Trainers) are covered in our Re-Certification Overview. Credits are designated by the Montefiore Center of Continuing Professional Development of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Earning CE certificates is voluntary and the cost is charged to learners. Learners wishing to earn credits indicate their interest during initial enrollment with CITI Program. At any time, they can review and update their selections posted on a “CME/CE” tab located on their private account.

Indicating an interest in credits is not an obligation to purchase. It is however necessary to activate CME information and functionalities on private accounts to allow learners to purchase earned credits.

CE certificates are available for purchase upon successful completion of eligibility requirements covered in CE Disclosures acknowledged by learners at the start of courses. The earned award is paid online, and the CE certificate and receipt of purchase are sent immediately to the email address entered during the enrollment process.

Are HSR courses eligible for CIP CE education credits?

Yes, advanced-level modules that meet the criteria in the Certified IRB Professional (CIP) recertification guidelines are eligible as accredited continuing education units for CIPs. These modules were approved by the Council for Certification of IRB Professionals (CCIP) as advanced-level and eligible for CIP CE credit. View CITI Program Advanced-Level Modules/Courses Eligible for CIP® Recertification Credit. for a list of approved modules.

What courses are approved for CE/CME credits?

View all CE/CME Certified Courses for approved CE/CME credits.

What types of CE/CME credits are available?

Please go to CE/CME Credits Overview for details.

Are CE/CME credits approved toward my re-certification?

Please go to Re-Certification Overview for details.

How do I register and qualify for CE/CME credits?

How do I purchase CE/CME credits?

Please go to Purchasing Earned CE/CME Credits for a step-by-step guide.