Content Contributor Brenda Leong

Brenda Leong, JD, CIPP/US


Brenda Leong is a partner at BNH.AI, a boutique law firm uniquely founded by a partnership between lawyers and data scientists, dedicated entirely to developing policies and practices around AI governance, including applying model risk management frameworks, performing model audits, and creating de-identification architecture and certification, along with designing and automating AI policies and procedures. Previously, Brenda was senior counsel and director of AI and ethics at the Future of Privacy Forum, where she oversaw the development and analysis of AI and ML. She is a recognized expert on the responsible use of biometrics and digital identity, with a focus on facial recognition, facial analysis, and emerging issues around voice-operated systems. Prior to her work at FPF, Brenda served in the US Air Force. She is a 2014 graduate of George Mason University School of Law.

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