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Judy Illes, CM, PhD

University of British Columbia

Dr. Illes is Professor of Neurology, University of British Columbia, Distinguished University Scholar in Neuroethics, and Director of Neuroethics Canada.

Dr. Illes is a pioneer of the field of neuroethics through which she has made groundbreaking contributions to cross-cultural ethical, legal, social, and policy challenges at the intersection of the brain sciences and biomedical ethics. She is Chair of the International Brain Initiative, co-Lead of the Canadian Brain Research Strategy, Vice Chair of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Neuroscience, Mental Health and Addiction (CIHR), and is member of the Ethics, Law, and Humanities Committee of the AAN.

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Discrete Choice Experiments with Neurologic Disorders


Discusses discrete choice experiments, including their design, analysis, and ethical considerations.

Discrete Choice Experiments with Neurologic Disorders