Content Contributor Karen Maschke

Karen Maschke, PhD

The Hastings Center

Karen J. Maschke, PhD is a Research Scholar at The Hastings Center and the editor of the Center’s journal Ethics & Human Research. Her work focuses on ethical, regulatory, and policy issues associated with the development and use of new biotechnologies. She is a co-Principal Investigator on the NIH-funded project, “Actionable Ethics Oversight for Human-Animal Chimera Research,” and a co-Investigator on the NSF-funded project, “Public Deliberation on Gene Editing in the Wild.” Her recent book (co-authored with Michael K. Gusmano), is Debating Modern Medical Technologies: The Politics of Safety, Effectiveness, and Patient Access (Praeger, 2018).

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Technology, Ethics, and Regulations


Covers various technologies and their associated ethical issues and governance approaches.

Technology, Ethics, and Regulations
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