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Kristen Renn, PhD

Michigan State University

Kristen Renn is Professor of Higher, Adult, & Lifelong Education at Michigan State University With a background in student affairs administration, including inaugurating the role of LGBTQIA+ resource provider at Brown University, she has for the last 25 years focused her research on the identities, experiences, and development of minoritized students in higher education. She is co-PI of the National Study of LGBTQ Student Success, a two-phase study of LGBTQIA+ college students comprising a mixed methods survey/interview phase and a four-year longitudinal interview study conducted with LGBTQ students.

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On Campus Podcast:
LGBTQIA+ Individuals in Higher Education


Season 1 - Episode 44
Although LGBTQIA+ individuals are gaining visibility on campuses, leaders in higher education still have room for improvement and further initiatives.

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