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Sukrit Venkatagiri, PhD

Swarthmore College

Sukrit Venkatagiri is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Swarthmore College. His research interests are in social computing and mis/disinformation studies, where he explores the ethical design of technology. At Swarthmore College, he directs the Collective Resilience Lab to help people resist strategic misinformation and other types of technologically-mediated harm, build sociotechnical systems to repair trust in each other and our institutions, and empower people to advocate for their rights while refusing harmful data and labor practices.

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On Campus Podcast: Generative AI in Higher Education


Season 1 - Episode 55
Generative AI is reshaping higher education, tailoring learning materials, streamlining administrative tasks, and supporting research.

On Campus Podcast: Generative AI in Higher Education
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