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9 Ways to Encourage Learners to Complete Required Courses

After considering feedback from our subscribing organizations, we have compiled 9 strategies that will help you streamline your account and encourage learners to complete their training more efficiently.

  1. Assess the learner group set-ups to make sure the content meets current training needs. You may be able to reduce the number of required modules to the ones that are most impactful.
  2. Designate certain modules as “supplemental” to make them optional for those who will encounter specific topics in their research. One example would be Research with Pregnant Women, Fetuses, and Neonates.
  3. Review your course offerings to ensure there is no repetition. For example, if you require learners to take both the basic biomedical and social-behavioral tracks for Human Subjects Research (HSR). In some cases, content from basic modules may overlap.
  4. Assign Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training only to those involved in clinical trials.
  5. Offer refresher courses and give learners an alternative to repeating basic courses at their required re-training intervals.
  6. Implement longer retraining periods appropriate for your learners. For example, every 3 years as opposed to every year.
  7. Designate modules as “elective” when setting up learner groups. This provides learners more autonomy in choosing what modules they complete. For example, you could instruct them to complete 3 of the 10 modules listed.
  8. Seek input from a learner representative when selecting required modules or setting up learner groups.
  9. For courses that are CE/CME eligible, offer learners enough CE/CME certified modules to qualify for CE/CME credits. The ability to qualify for CE/CME credits is an added incentive for learners to finish their training. CE/CME Credits Guide for Administrators.

If you would like to make any changes to your learner group set ups, contact CITI Program support for assistance. They can guide you through the changes and help you troubleshoot any issues you may encounter.

It always helps to inform learners of the steps you have taken to enhance their CITI Program training. For example, many learners would be excited to hear that there are less required modules. Be sure to remind learners that our audio-visual module format is now available for basic HSR and RCR courses. Feedback shows that the new format increases engagement and the learner’s enjoyment of the training.

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