Working with the IACUC has been significantly updated to improve the course’s content, structure, alignment with current regulatory guidance, and delivery. The course still provides the same necessary basic training on the protection of animal subjects used in research, but now with nine comprehensive, concise modules and two additional modules of interest.


Switching to the Updated Course


Subscribing organizations may now add and/or switch to the updated course. It is available for no additional fee. However, there are a few key things to understand and consider if your organization utilizes the existing course that will be retired/replaced.

  • The updated course may be added at any time. If switching to the new course prior to the automatic replacement date (discussed below), please review the "Considerations for Switching to the Updated Course" section in this article.
  • On May 15, all gradebooks utilizing the modules to be replaced will be updated with the new modules and two modules will be retired. A detailed breakdown of how this will work is provided in the “Replacement and Retirement Specifics” section of this article.
  • Starting May 15, learners may need to complete new modules (in other words, the updated modules) if they are working on an impacted course – meaning they have yet to earn a Completion Report. We have added notices to the impacted gradebooks so that learners are aware of this well in advance and can plan accordingly. Those who have already earned their Completion Reports for courses that contained the retired/replaced modules will not be affected; however, they will have access to the new modules if they would like to complete them.

Considerations for Switching to the Updated Course


Organizations may switch to the updated course now. However, if doing so, please contact our Support staff at to request the switch. We will work with you to help ensure that gradebooks, enrollment questions, and course requirements are setup in a way that makes sense for your organization and its learners.

Your organization may also wait until May 15 when the automatic replacement and retirement occurs. Doing so requires no action from your organization and we will send an announcement when the update occurs. Notices have been inserted into the impacted gradebooks so that learners can plan accordingly.


Replacement and Retirement Specifics


On May 15, nine new modules will automatically replace 24 existing Working with the IACUC modules. In addition, two other existing modules will be retired without replacements and two existing additional modules of interest are not affected. In some instances replacements will be one-to-one, while in other cases several-to-one (original module topics collapsed into a single module). In both approaches, the topics from the original are covered in the replacement module. Some content from the two modules being retired is not included in the new modules; however, the critical concepts from that content are still addressed.

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How will the replacement work?


The new (replacement) module will replace the corresponding module(s) in all stages using the module or at least one of the corresponding old module(s). The new (replacement) module will match the old module designation (Required, Elective, Supplemental) in one-to-one replacements. In several-to-one replacements, the new (replacement) module will be set as Required if at least one corresponding module is designated as Required. If no corresponding modules are designated as Required, the new (replacement) module will be set as Elective if at least one corresponding module is Elective. If no corresponding modules are designated as Required or Elective, the new (replacement) module will be set as Supplemental.




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