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CITI Program’s March 2023 Media Playlist – Part 1

CITI Program’s media playlists highlight content curated by our staff and relevant to research, higher education, healthcare, technology, and more. Follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming playlists and more information from CITI Program.



Mental Health and Student Health Services

Source: On Campus Podcast with CITI Program – View more episodes


These Microbes Wear Chain Mail Made From DNA

Source: Journey to the Microcosmos


The Beautiful Science of Iridescence

Source: Be Smart


The Most Intriguing Signals SETI Ever Detected – The Other Wow Signals

Source: Astrum


James Webb Space Telescope images shatter understanding of age of the universe

Source: NBC News


This Particle Accelerator Makes A Substance That Hasn’t Existed in 13 Billion Years: ‘Quark Soup’

Source: Scientific American


Generative AI Is About To Reset Everything, And, Yes It Will Change Your Life

Source: Forbes