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CITI Program’s November 2021 Media Playlist – Part 2

Posted By:  CITI Program Staff November 15, 2021

CITI Program’s media playlists highlight content curated by our staff and relevant to research, higher education, healthcare, technology, and more. Follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming playlists and more information from CITI Program.

Sanofi’s CEO on How Company Culture Can Thrive in a Distributed, Hybrid World

Source: Harvard Business Review

Every Prototype that Led to a Realistic Prosthetic Arm

Source: Wired

The Key – Ep 63: We Are All Data People

Source: Inside Higher Ed

NASA to intentionally crash spacecraft into asteroid

Source: Reuters

New Research Explains How Covid Infects The Brain And Impairs Cognitive Functions

Source: NBC News

The Obscure Virus Club

Source: Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell