Complimentary COVID-19 Training

Explore free training on the safe return to campus and contact tracing as well information about COVID-19 vaccines and insights from higher ed leaders on strategic planning surrounding COVID-19 operations.

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About these Courses and Webinars

CITI Program's complimentary COVID-19 training includes COVID-19: Back to Campus, Remote Contact Tracing, COVID-19: Insights for Higher Ed Leaders, Participating in Vaccine Research, and What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Vaccine. These courses are intended to help organizations and individuals navigate safety and healthcare challenges presented by the outbreak of COVID-19.

Language Availability: English

Suggested Audiences: Contact Tracers, Faculty, Graduate Students, Higher Education Administrators, Individuals interested in being Contact Tracers or Case Investigators, Institutional Leadership, IRB Administrators, Other Staff, Public Health Professionals, Research Faculty and Team Members, Research Staff, Researchers, Staff, Student Affairs Professionals, Students, Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Vaccine Trial Participants


COVID-19: Back to Campus (2020-2023)

university student with backpack walking back to campus
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Remote Contact Tracing
(Free Course)

figures connected by lines representing contact tracing
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COVID-19: Insights for Higher Ed Leaders (Free Course)

graduation cap and disposable face mask
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COVID-19: Mental Health for Higher Ed & Healthcare (Free Course)

Many colored strands creating the shape of the human brain
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Webinar Recordings

Participating in Vaccine Research (Free Webinar)

Hands of medical professional administering vaccine in arm
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What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Vaccine (Free Webinar)

line drawing of a doctor injecting a patient
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