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GDPR Class Action Lawsuits Filed for 10 Billion Euros

The Privacy Collective filed wrongful use of personal data class-action lawsuits against Oracle and Salesforce (Forbes 2020). The companies are accused of violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by not getting consent from individuals for how their data would be processed, and for not securing the personal data appropriately. The GDPR aims to protect the personal data of individuals, and is a regulation that is enforced by the European Union, but has wide reaching consequences for global institutions.

These class action lawsuits could mean significant penalties for Oracle and Salesforce, to the amount of potentially 10 billion euros (TechCrunch 2020). Both companies issued statements that they disagree with the meritless claims (Forbes 2020). These high-profile cases are a reminder that companies and institutions need to understand and comply with the GDPR, and be prepared to explain their practices when challenged.

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