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Managing Conflicts is a Critical Skill in the Workplace

Where people gather, conflict is likely to occur. Even in an age when many professionals may be working remotely, conflicts within teams can occur. Unfortunately, managers are often ill-equipped to deal with conflict effectively. Some may even exacerbate the conflict with well-intentioned, but poorly considered, interventions.

Conflicts within teams are detrimental to individuals and organizations in a variety of ways. On the other hand, a culture of avoiding conflict can have its own negative implications. Both scenarios can result in employees feeling frustrated and resentful.

The subject of conflicts offers rich insight to issues affecting teams and organizations. A manager who is well-trained in managing conflict can be a catalyst for change and innovation. Unfortunately, even experienced managers sometimes avoid the challenge of dealing with emotionally charged situations.

At the center of conflict management is effective communication. An environment of open dialogue and engagement can cultivate a safe mechanism for employees to share dissent or frustration. Managers who are adept at managing these difficult conversations are better prepared at constructive unpacking and of the issues.

As organizations examine their diversity and inclusion policies and commitments, managers are well-advised to take into account these critical issues when trying to resolve a conflict. Stereotyping and unconscious bias can be a detriment to managing conflicts.

Conflicts represent an opportunity to encourage creative thinking, collaboration and innovation. With appropriate training, managers can seize these pivotal moments to solve problems and develop stronger team cohesion.

CITI Program’s Conflict Management Course

In this course, learners will gain insight and tools to help them manage conflicts more productively. This course is ideal for individuals just starting their careers as well as experienced managers who are responsible for multifaceted teams.

Conflict Management will be available to both organizations and individual learners in the early Fall, for a fee. Fill out the form to be notified when the course is available.