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NIH and OSTP New Foreign Support Requirements and Recommendations

The impact of undue foreign influence in research, particularly at universities, remains a concern for U.S. federal officials and university administrators. Earlier this year the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) published guidance focusing on undue influence from foreign governments and government-sponsored talent recruitment programs. This guidance includes five broad goals, including “Provide and share training, support, and information.”

Modifications to NIH Foreign Support Disclosure Requirements

Effective 25 May 2021, use of updated “Biosketch” and “Other Support” format page templates used as attachments in current Forms-F application packages and RPPRs, will be required. The NIH is reminding organizations and researchers that “severe penalties” can be and have been inflicted for submitting incomplete or misleading information in grant applications.

More Information

See a summary of the new disclosure requirements as well as OSTP’s guidance and recommendations below. You can also learn about CITI Program’s Undue Foreign Influence course, which explores key ethical, export, security, intellectual property, and transparency requirements related to international engagement.

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