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January 2018 Newsletter
Everything about the Final Rule and CITI Program
8-13 April 2018 - 34th SQA Annual Meeting
FDA Announces ICH E6(R2) Guidance
Updated Course: Working with IACUC
Introductory Price Extended for Essentials of Statistical Analysis course (formerly Fundamentals of Biostatistics)
Interim Final Rule Delays Revised Common Rule
Advanced Training for CRCs
New CRC Advanced Course
New Course Content
Changes to Model Wildlife Protocol Form
Changes to USDA Animal Care Policy Manual Regarding Use of the AVMA Euthanasia Guidelines
New Reproducibility of Research Results Module
August 2017 Newsletter
CITI Program Content is Current with New NIH Certificate of Confidentiality (CoC) Policy
Free Resource on ICH E6(R2) Integrated Addendum
CITI Program Content is Current with New FDA Guidance
New Course Available: Essentials of Statistical Analysis (EOSA)
New COI Modules and Refreshers for HSR
New Course Available: GCP for Social & Behavioral Research
CITI Program GCP Training ICH E6(R2)
GLP and HEC Promotional Offer
Module Retirement for HSR
New Disaster and Conflict Research Modules
April 2017 Newsletter
New Data and Safety Monitoring Module
New Course Available: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Recently Added EC Modules
Recently Added sIRB Modules
Updated GCP Modules - New ICH E6(R2) Integrated Addendum
January 2017 Newsletter
Test Drive the New NIH IND/IDE Template in Protocol Builder®
Important Notification of Rate Increase
New Modules: Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA)
CITI Program GCP Training Complies with NIH Policy
New Module: Informed Consent and Incidental Findings in Research with Human Subjects
Special pricing on Protocol Builder® for our Institutional Subscribers
July 2016 Newsletter
CITI Program Content is Current with NIH sIRB Policy
New Modules of Interest – Advanced Issues in Informed Consent (June 2016)
CITI Program joining BRANY
New GCP Refresher Courses: FDA Refresher and Device Refresher
Advanced Issues in Informed Consent: New Modules of Interest (March 2016)
Spring 2016 Newsletter
New Healthcare Ethics Committee (HEC) Course
New Clinical Trial Billing Compliance (CTBC) Course
CITI Program Quarterly Newsletter
Working with the IACUC: Update Regarding NSF Awardees
New Animal Care and Use (ACU) Courses
Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) Module Update
New Conflicts of Interest (COI) Refresher Course Available
Working with the IACUC: Refresher Course Replacement
New Phase I Research Modules
New CE Credits: RCR Basic and Refresher Courses
New Disaster Planning for the Research Enterprise (DPRE) Course
New Institutional Conflicts of Interest (ICOI) Module
New Export Compliance (EC) Course
New CRC Foundations Course
New Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Basic Module
11-14 April 2018 - SBM 39th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions
14-15 April 2018 - FIU 9th International Conference on Ethics in Biology, Engineering and Medicine
27-30 April 2018 - ACRP Annual Conference
1-2 May 2018 - OHRP Research Community Forum
7-10 May 2018 - AUECO 6th Annual Conference
29 May 2018 - 1 June 2018 - AIR Forum
24-28 June 2018 - DIA Annual Conference
5-8 August 2018 - 60th NCURA Annual Meeting
26-29 August 2018 - AHMP Annual National Conference
23-26 September 2018 - ARIO Annual Meeting
28-30 September 2018 - SOCRA 27th Annual Conference
12-17 October 2018 - ABSA 61st Annual Biological Safety Conference
27-31 October 2018 - SRA International Annual Meeting
28 October - 1 November 2018 - AALAS National Meeting
15-17 November 2018 - PRIM&R Advancing Ethical Research Conference
3-4 December 2018 - SCAW Winter Conference