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New Modules: Ethical and Regulatory Approaches to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Human Subjects Research

New Webinar - Informed Consent and Clinical Investigations: A Focus on the Process

New Course - Technology Transfer

New Course - Conflict Management

New Course - Undue Foreign Influence: Risks and Mitigations

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CITI Program extends the availability of COVID-19: Back to Campus Course

New Webinar - Export Compliance: An Overview for Staff, Students, and Faculty

New Webinar - International Students in Focus at U.S. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

New Webinar - Importance of Peer Review and Data Validation in Research

New Webinar - Social Media and Research Recruiting

New Free Course - Remote Contact Tracing

New Course - Technology, Ethics, and Regulations

CITI Program, in Collaboration with Consortium, Launches Free Online Course - COVID-19: Back to Campus

New Course - GDPR for Research and Higher Ed

New Webinar - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Subject Protections

New Course - FDA Inspections: From Site Preparation to Response

New Webinar - Health Disparities: Promoting Equity and Diversity in Clinical Research

New Complimentary Course - COVID-19: Back to Campus (Fall 2020)

New Course - False Claims Act: A Primer and Guide for Research Organizations

We Are Excited to Launch our Updated RCR Videos

New Webinar: Understanding Consent Requirements and “Key Information” Under the Revised Rule

Newly Updated RCR Case Videos

Content Updated to Include NIH and FDA Guidance for Research Affected by COVID-19

New Webinar Available: Medical Marijuana: A Budding Field of Research

Changes to the ITAR and Updated CITI Program Modules

New Module: Ethical and Appropriate Uses of Administrative Data for Research and Evaluation

New Webinar Available: Running a Virtual IRB Meeting

Our Most Heartfelt Condolences

Free Live Webinar - Running a Virtual IRB Meeting

Two New Revised Common Rule Webinars Available: Revisions to Definitions and Revisions to Informed Consent

Laboratory Chemical Safety Available in Audio-Visual Format

New Webinar Available: Building a Compliance Program – Tips for Investigators and Institutions

New Course Available: Compensation Reporting (Effort Reporting)

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New All Access Webinar Package Available

CITI Program Account Checkups

Payment Portal for Credit Card Payments

New Webinar Available: Preparing for Single IRB (sIRB) under the Common Rule

Associate Director of Educational Initiatives, Margaret Rankovic's Contribution to Health Literacy

New Course Available: IACUC Administration

New Dynamic Content Format

New Webinar Available: Ethics & Policy Issues in CRISPR Gene Editing

New Webinar Available - Research with Native American Communities: Important Considerations When Applying Federal Regulations

New Course Available: Laboratory Chemical Safety

Important Change of "Site" Definition for Organizational Subscriptions

Free Webinar - Research with Native American Communities: Important Considerations when Applying Federal Regulations

FDA Issues Guidance on Live Case Presentations During Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Clinical Trials

Apply for the 2019 Dr. Paul Braunschweiger Annual Scholarship Program

New Webinar Available - FERPA: A Quick Review of the Law for Researchers and IRBs

The Essentials of Grant Writing

June 2019 Newsletter

Assist in Implementing PHS Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals

Deliver relevant and timely information to your learners with our expanding webinar series

Follow these tips from our finance department to reduce your administrative burden

See how your organization may benefit by ensuring credentialed learners can qualify for CE/CME credits

Encourage CIPs to Complete Required Content and Earn Their Credits More Efficiently

New and Updated Content (March-June 2019)

An Anniversary Letter From Our Managing Director, Bharat Krishna MSc, MBA

New Course Available: EC Refresher

New Course Available: Biomedical PI

Read about the NIH’s first Tribal data-sharing agreement

Reproducibility of Research Results

New Webinar Available: Transitioning Research to the Revised Common Rule: The What, How, and Why

New Course Available: Semiannual Evaluations In Depth

New Course Available: Protocol Registration and Results Summary Disclosure in

Is your organization reporting clinical-trial results on time?

Free Webinar: Transitioning Research to the Revised Common Rule: The What, How, and Why

New & Updated Content (October 2018 - March 2019)

Read The Hastings Center's latest report - Social Media, E-Health, and Medical Ethics

New Webinar Available: The Challenge of Medicare Advantage Plans and Local Coverage Determinations

CITI Program Updates, Industry News, and Account Management Tips

February 2019 Newsletter

The Importance of Rigor and Reproducibility in Research

Implementing the Revised Common Rule and Pre-2018 Rule Compliance

New Protocol Builder Features Include Common Rule Changes for 2019

BRANY's Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research IRB

Revised Common Rule Updates to Content and Training for the Old Rule

Learn How the Revamped Support Center Can Help Administrators

Avoid Penalties for GDPR Violations

New & Updated Content

Provide Your Learners with an Essential Overview of Contemporary Bioethics

$28.7 Million in HIPAA Fines in 2018 – Is your organization trained in HIPAA?

Free Webinar: The Challenge of Medicare Advantage Plans and Local Coverage Determinations

New GCP Modules: Hot Topics in Clinical Research and Overview of ICH GCP E6(R2) Revisions

New CRC Advanced Module: Financial Management of Clinical Trials

New Essentials of Grant Proposal Development Course Available

CITI Program Content is Current with the Revised Common Rule

New GDPR & Human Subject Research in the U.S. Webinar Available

Responsible Conduct of Research Conference

2018 Content Recap

New Communicating Research Findings Course

HHS Releases Draft Guidance on Activities Deemed Not to be Research

Rules for Responsible Big Data Research

Revised Common Rule Resources from OHRP

Is your organization prepared for a disaster?

Have your Certified IRB Professionals (CIPs) finished their training?

New LMS Interface Upgrades Coming Soon

November 2018 Newsletter

Recently Posted FDA Guidance Documents

Free CITI Program Webinar: GDPR & Human Subject Research in the U.S.

New Working with Genetically Modified Mice in Research Settings Course

New Human Subjects Considerations and Big Data Research Module

New and Updated Content

New Bioethics Course

Revised Common Rule: OHRP announces two public websites that will satisfy the consent form posting requirement

Livestream - OHRP Exploratory Workshop: Meeting New Challenges in Informed Consent in Clinical Research

OHRP Releases Draft Guidance Documents for Burden-Reducing Provisions During the Delay to the Revised Common Rule

July 2018 Newsletter

OHRP Guidance on the Effects of Disasters on Human Research Protections Programs

Changing Organizational Affiliations and Transferring Completions

CME/CEU Guidance for Administrators

The FDA Will Require GCP Compliance for International Device Trials

HHS Releases Final Rule to Delay Revised Common Rule

Sharing Course Completions on LinkedIn / Social Media

New Course Options and Updated Content

Bharat S. Krishna, MSc, MBA - Senior Vice President & Managing Director

CITI Program Co-Founder Paul Braunschweiger, Ph.D. Announces Retirement - New Managing Director Announced

HHS and FDA Release Joint Final Guidance: IRB Written Procedures

HHS Releases NPRM to Delay Revised Common Rule

FDA Updates: Pregnant Women Subjects and Medical Device Investigations

The Belmont Report and Its Principles

The Four Horsemen

Essentials of Statistical Analysis for students and research team members

Meeting biosafety and export compliance needs

Bharat S. Krishna, MSc, MBA - Vicepresidente Senior y Director Gerente

Onboarding and advanced training for CRCs

Cofundador del programa CITI Paul Braunschweiger, Ph.D. Anuncia su retiro - Nuevo Director Gerente Anunciado

HHS y FDA publican una guía final conjunta: procedimientos escritos del IRB

New & Updated Content

Satisfaciendo las necesidades de cumplimiento de bioseguridad y exportación

Incorporación y entrenamiento avanzado para CRCs

Elementos esenciales del análisis estadístico para estudiantes y miembros del equipo de investigación

El Reporte Belmont y sus principios

La FDA anuncia dirección para ICH E6 (R2)

HHS publica NPRM para retrasar la Regla Común revisada

Contenido Nuevo y Actualizado

Boletín de Mayo de 2018

May 2018 Newsletter

New Revised Common Rule Course

FDA Announces ICH E6(R2) Guidance

Updated Course: Working with IACUC

Los Cuatro Jinetes

Introductory Price Extended for Essentials of Statistical Analysis course (formerly Fundamentals of Biostatistics)

January 2018 Newsletter

New Course Content

Interim Final Rule Delays Revised Common Rule

Curso Nuevo de la Regla Común Revisada

Everything About the Revised Common Rule and CITI Program

Changes to USDA Animal Care Policy Manual Regarding Use of the AVMA Euthanasia Guidelines

3-4 Diciembre 2018 - SCAW Winter Conference

15-17 November 2018 - PRIM&R Advancing Ethical Research Conference

28 Octubre - 1 Noviembre 2018 - AALAS National Meeting

27-31 October 2018 - SRA International Annual Meeting

12-17 Octubre 2018 - ABSA 61st Annual Biological Safety Conference

28-30 Septiembre 2018 - SOCRA 27th Annual Conference

23-26 Septiembre 2018 - ARIO Annual Meeting

26-29 Agosto 2018 - AHMP Annual National Conference

5-8 Agosto 2018 - 60th NCURA Annual Meeting

24-28 Junio 2018 - DIA Global Annual Meeting

Changes to Model Wildlife Protocol Form

Advanced Training for CRCs

New CRC Advanced Course

New Reproducibility of Research Results Module

Cambios al Manual de Políticas de Cuidado de Animales del USDA con Respecto al Uso de las Guias de Eutanasia de AVMA

Cambios al formulario "Model Wildlife Protocol"

Entrenamiento Avanzado para CRC

Precio Introductorio Extendido para Curso Essentials of Statistical Analysis

La Regla Final Provisional Retrasa la Regla Común Revisada

Todo sobre la Regla Final y Programa CITI

Boletín de Enero de 2018

CITI Program Content is Current with New NIH Certificate of Confidentiality (CoC) Policy

New COI Modules and Refreshers for HSR

New Course Available: Essentials of Statistical Analysis

New Course Available: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Free Resource on ICH E6(R2) Integrated Addendum

August 2017 Newsletter

CITI Program Content is Current with New FDA Guidance

CITI Program GCP Training ICH E6(R2)

Curso Nuevo - CRC Advanced

New Course Available: GCP for Social & Behavioral Research

Module Retirement for HSR

El contenido de CITI Program está actualizado con la nueva política de CoC del NIH

GLP and HEC Promotional Offer

New Disaster and Conflict Research Modules

April 2017 Newsletter

New Data and Safety Monitoring Module

Boletín de Agosto de 2017

Recently Added sIRB Modules

Recently Added EC Modules

El Contenido del Programa CITI es Corriente con la Nueva Guía de la FDA

Updated GCP Modules - New ICH E6(R2) Integrated Addendum

Entrenamiento GCP ICH E6 (R2) de CITI Program

January 2017 Newsletter

Curso Nuevo: GCP - Social and Behavioral Research Best Practices for Clinical Research

Test Drive the New NIH IND/IDE Template in Protocol Builder®

Retiro de Módulo para HSR

Important Notification of Rate Increase

Oferta Promocional GLP y HEC

New Modules: Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA)

Nuevos Módulos de Investigación sobre Desastres y Conflictos

CITI Program GCP Training Complies with NIH Policy

Boletín de Abril de 2017

New Module: Informed Consent and Incidental Findings in Research with Human Subjects

Special pricing on Protocol Builder® for our Institutional Subscribers

July 2016 Newsletter

Módulos recién agregados para el curso EC

CITI Program Content is Current with NIH sIRB Policy

Módulos GCP Actualizados - Nuevo Addendum Integrado ICH E6 (R2)

Boletín de Enero de 2017

Programa CITI se une a BRANY

New Modules of Interest – Advanced Issues in Informed Consent (June 2016)

CITI Program joining BRANY

Important Notification of Rate Increase

New Modules: Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA)

Test Drive the New NIH IND/IDE Template in Protocol Builder®

New GCP Refresher Courses: FDA Refresher and Device Refresher

Advanced Issues in Informed Consent: New Modules of Interest (March 2016)

Spring 2016 Newsletter

New Clinical Trial Billing Compliance (CTBC) Course

CITI Program Quarterly Newsletter

Working with the IACUC: Update Regarding NSF Awardees

New Animal Care and Use (ACU) Courses

Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) Module Update

New Conflicts of Interest (COI) Refresher Course Available

Working with the IACUC: Refresher Course Replacement

New Phase I Research Modules

New CE Credits: RCR Basic and Refresher Courses

New Disaster Planning for the Research Enterprise (DPRE) Course

New Institutional Conflicts of Interest (ICOI) Module

New Export Compliance (EC) Course

New CRC Foundations Course

New Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Basic Module

9-10 November 2020 - NIH NExTRAC Virtual Meeting

15-18 November 2020 - MAGI's Clinical Research Conference (West)

December 2020 - PRIM&R's AER20 Annual Conference