It has been an honor to have joined the CITI Program a year ago as its new Managing Director. My first anniversary at CITI Program also coincides with a time of significant regulatory transition and one of increased emphasis and scrutiny of ethics and compliance in healthcare, research, and higher education. From the outset, CITI has been a collaboration of ideas and content from thought leaders in their fields. This trend continues as we look to navigate the changing research and compliance landscape by developing content and programs with help from hundreds of top faculty, practitioners, and subject matter experts. Our content remains peer reviewed by experts, and, with both their input and the comments of thousands of learners, continuously improved to keep up with changes in best practices, rules, and regulations.

Over the past year, CITI Program has scaled new heights, serving the highest number of institutions and learners in our history. We’ve revised our content to reflect the significant changes introduced by the revised Common Rule, updated nearly 200 modules overall across our courses, added 9 new courses, launched a new learner user interface (UX), and inaugurated a new audio-visual learning format for one of our primary courses. In addition to these, we improved our customer support metrics, upgraded our technology infrastructure, and invested in our culture, facilities, and team.

CITI Program was originally founded with a focus on Human Subjects Research, and over the years expanded to include several new areas, such as Animal Care and Use, Responsible Conduct of Research, Bioethics, and Good Clinical Practice. Our next evolution is slated to bring new content in ethics of emerging technologies, healthcare compliance, and professional development that will help our organizations and learners continue to advance. Many of these ideas came from our learners and subscribing institutions. As we look to the future, we will continue to seek your input on ideas for new and useful programs and features to develop.

Please join us in charting the future course at CITI Program, so it can become an even more valuable collaborative initiative for our subscribing community and learners.

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