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Through interviews with leaders across various universities and colleges, we discuss the strategies, lessons learned, and insights regarding operations in response to COVID-19. Learn about reopening strategies for Fall 2020 and how these institutions are planning to provide a healthy, safe, and productive environment on their campuses for 2021. Some specific interview topics include general institutional operations, health and safety operations, restarting and continuing institutional research and lab operations as well as student financial and academic services, course delivery methods, institutional support of local communities, campus community empowerment, and mental health services.

Course Benefits

  • Strategies for continuing research and lab operations during COVID-19
  • Methods for restarting field research operations
  • Safety measures for research and lab operations during COVID-19
  • Testing strategies, specifically using waste water surveillance
  • COVID-19 research coming from Colorado State University


Higher Education Administrators, Student Affairs Professionals, Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Institutional Leadership, Researchers