CITI Program Newsletter: February 2019 Edition

Topics include:

  • Provide Your Learners with an Essential Overview of Contemporary Bioethics
  • New & Updated Content
    • CITI Program Content is Current with the Revised Common Rule
    • New GDPR & Human Subject Research in the U.S. Webinar
    • New Essentials of Grant Proposal Development Course
    • New Communicating Research Findings Course - Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
    • New Plagiarism Refresher Module - Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
  • Avoid Penalties for GDPR Violations
  • The Importance of Rigor and Reproducibility in Research
  • Learn How the Revamped Support Center Can Help Administrators
  • Revised Common Rule Updates to Content and Training for the Old Rule
  • CITI Program Updates, Industry News, and Account Management Tips
  • BRANY's Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research IRB
  • New Protocol Builder Features Include Common Rule Changes For 2019
  • Implementing the Revised Common Rule and Pre-2018 Rule Compliance
  • Upcoming Events
  • Follow CITI Program on Social Media

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