Financial issues with your organization's CITI Program subscription can create an administrative burden if not addressed correctly and in a timely way. Many times issues arise through no fault of the account administrators, but due to federal regulation changes, employee turnover, or policy changes. These tips from our finance department will help reduce your administrative burden and allow you to focus on exploring new content and providing learners with the necessary courses and modules for complete and effective training.

Confirm Your Subscription's Financial Contact

The billing contact for your organization's CITI Program subscription may change over time. By confirming your organization's billing contact, you ensure that invoices and important updates to billing policy will be received. This is important to avoid deactivation due to non-payment as well.

Update Your Billing Contact

Send us Your Organization's Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Due to recent sales tax regulation changes, several states now require organizations to pay sales tax on their CITI Program subscription. If your organization is sales tax exempt, we encourage you to send us your Sales Tax Exemption Certificate as soon as possible to avoid issues with your invoices and payments. Below is a list of the states where sales tax is now applicable. If your state is not listed, we still advise you to send your Sales Tax Exemption Certificate as these regulations are constantly changing.

  • Connecticut
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Send Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Review Your Translated Content

Your organization may have access to CITI Program content that has been translated into a language other than English. We have made some recent changes in our management of translated content that may affect your organizational subscription. Check your organization's subscription and confirm whether you have access to all the correct content. We have identified specific content that we will continue to maintain in multiple languages. There is a new annual management fee of $500 per language, per site (not per module), for continued access to this translated content.

View a List of Modules Available in Supported Language(s) | Contact Us

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