As part of our ongoing commitment to learner satisfaction, we are excited to announce the growing availability of our new course format option. Laboratory Chemical Safety is now available in both the new dynamic Audio-Visual format and the Classic format. The Audio-Visual format option is the next step in the multi-stage evolution of CITI Program's content presentation.

Note: There is no charge for this additional format option, and no action on your part is required to make it available. Learners may still access CITI Program's Classic format.

New Features
  • Dynamic audio-visual slideshow-style presentation with knowledge checks in many of the modules

  • Simple navigation between module sections and individual slides, including a responsive table of contents  

  • Ability to resume a module from a previous point  

  • Optional audio narration of slides


For more information about the new Audio-Visual format option, please see Support Center article Audio-Visual vs. Classic Content Formats.