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New Course Available: Fundamentals of Biostatistics

 Fundamentals of Biostatistics offers an efficient and cost-effective way to learn about or brush up on research biostatistics.
  • Efficient: While this course mirrors the structure of a traditional 13-week university course with two classes a week, it can be completed at the learner’s own pace.
  • Cost-effective: Although affordably priced at $300, a fraction of other biostatistics courses, this course has an introductory price of $200, extended through 31 January 2018. Learners can go back and review the course for as long as it is offered.
  • High quality: It was authored by an expert biostatistics educator, peer-reviewed, and graduate student tested.
It is ideal for individuals who are new to biostatistics, looking for a refresher, or want to get a head start and improve their performance in an upcoming biostatistics class.
Please note, this course is not eligible for university credit.

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