CITI Program is pleased to announce the availability of a new “Reproducibility of Research Results” module. The module, written by Dr. Teri A. Hamill from Nova Southeastern University, is designed to complement the topical offerings in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Basic Course.


Reproducibility of Research Results

The inability to reproduce findings from prior research, whether it is one’s own study or a study conducted by other researchers, is a growing issue of concern for research communities. It is an issue that can potentially affect researchers in a broad range of fields, including biomedical, behavioral, computational and social sciences, and engineering.

The new “Reproducibility of Research Results” module discusses factors that contribute to the lack of reproducibility and the resulting problems that can emerge. The module also describes the stakeholders affected by reproducibility problems, a collection of reproducibility initiatives, and strategies that can mitigate or prevent irreproducibility.