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Working with Rats in Research Settings

This course provides training on working with rats in research settings.





About this Course

This course offers an introduction to working with rats in research settings including the regulatory mandates and biological features of rats.

Disponibilidad del idioma: English

Audiencias sugeridas: Animal Workers, IACUC Members, Investigators, Research Assistants, Staff

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Independent Learner Price: $110 per person

Course Content

Introduction to Working with Rats in Research Settings

Introduces the Working with Rats in Research Settings course.

Uso recomendado: Required
ID (Idioma): 1916 (English)

Research Mandates and Occupational Health Issues

Discusses the research mandates and occupational health issues related to working with rats.

Uso recomendado: Required
ID (Idioma): 1917 (English)

Alternatives Searches, Humane Standards, Housing, and Acclimation and Quarantine

Explains the requirements for investigators to provide written assurance that alternatives are not available for proposed procedures in rabbits likely to cause pain and/or distress. It also presents the best practices for the humane treatment of rats as well as allowing them to acclimate with their environment.

Uso recomendado: Required
ID (Idioma): 1919 (English)

Detecting Pain and Distress, Genetics, and Biological Features

Provides information on the detection of pain and distress in rats during research testing. It also presents the important biological features that they possess.

Uso recomendado: Required
ID (Idioma): 1923 (English)

Injections, Blood Collection, Antibody Production, and Pain Relief

Describes the volume recommendations and proper procedure for acute intravenous fluid administration and blood collection in rats, as well as the dose rates for the common drugs and drug regimens. It also discusses antibody production for research testing.

Uso recomendado: Required
ID (Idioma): 1926 (English)

Surgery, Supportive Care and Monitoring, Euthanasia, and Reference

Explains the appropriate surgical techniques, supportive care and monitoring, and euthanasia for rats. It also lists the references that were used for the Working with Rats in Research Settings course.

Uso recomendado: Required
ID (Idioma): 1929 (English)