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Working with the IACUC – Refresher

This course provides retraining on the protection of animal subjects used in research.





About this Course

This refresher course offers retraining on Working with the IACUC. It reviews many of the topics covered in the basic course, but adds additional depth, expanding on points that are often sources of concerns and questions by Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUCs) and animal users.

Disponibilidad del idioma: English

Audiencias sugeridas: Animal Workers, IACUC Members, Investigators, Research Assistants, Staff, Students

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Independent Learner Price: $110 per person

Course Content

Introduction to Working with the IACUC – Refresher Course

Introduces the Working with the IACUC – Refresher course.

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ID (Idioma): 13780 (English)

The Regulators

Reviews the principal federal rules affecting animal use in research: The Animal Welfare Act of 1966 (as amended in 1970, 1976, 1985, 1990 and 2002) and the Health Research Extension Act of 1985.

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ID (Idioma): 13781 (English)


Discusses how it is the organization that hosts the animal use activities responsibility to ensure humane care and use of research animals. It also reviews the responsibilities and make up of an IACUC.

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ID (Idioma): 13782 (English)

Justifying Animal Use

Describes how the protocol must be presented when proposing work with animal subjects. It is important to note that animals should be used only for work that is likely to benefit human or animal health, the good of society, or add to important scientific knowledge.

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ID (Idioma): 13783 (English)

Consider Alternatives

Covers the requirements for investigators to provide written assurance that alternatives are not available for proposed procedures in animals likely to cause pain and/or distress.

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ID (Idioma): 13784 (English)


Discusses the idea that each investigator is required to provide a statement to the IACUC that the proposed work does not needlessly duplicate previous work.

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ID (Idioma): 13785 (English)


Describes the need for proper training of investigators before performing procedures pertaining to animals.

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ID (Idioma): 13786 (English)

Housing and Husbandry

Explains the need for an established program for the housing and husbandry of all animals that are housed at an organization. It also reviews all elements of housing and husbandry including the proper types of housing, food, cleanliness, environment, and safety, as well as the humane considerations that are involved with restrained animals.

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ID (Idioma): 13787 (English)

Monitoring and Controlling Pain and Distress

Discusses monitoring and controlling pain or discomfort in animals.

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ID (Idioma): 13788 (English)


Covers surgery in animal experiments, a prominent area of the IACUC oversight, which is of particular interest to the investigator due to its potential to cause pain and/or distress for the animal.

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ID (Idioma): 13789 (English)

Post-Procedure Monitoring and Care

Explains good practice requirements for monitoring the well-being of an animal until it is fully recovered from surgery.

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ID (Idioma): 13790 (English)


Reviews what to consider before ending an animal's involvement in a study.

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ID (Idioma): 13791 (English)


Discusses what to consider when planning for the euthanasia of an animal.

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ID (Idioma): 13792 (English)

Occupational Health and Safety

Explains the different elements of occupational health and safety that should be taken into consideration while working with animals.

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ID (Idioma): 13793 (English)

Final Words

Concludes the Working with the IACUC – Refresher course.

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ID (Idioma): 13846 (English)


Presents the references used in the Working with the IACUC – Refresher course.

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ID (Idioma): 13794 (English)