CITI Program Presents Webinar for Clinical Research Job Seekers

On November 11, 2021, CITI Program presented a webinar entitled “Using CITI Program Training to Advance you Career in Clinical Research.” This webinar was presented live for the organization Upwardly Global, a CITI Program subscribing institution.

“Upwardly Global is glad to partner with the CITI Program to offer training for our job seekers looking to start careers in clinical research. We know that the demand for professionals in this field is high and that clinical research is a great career pathway for internationally trained healthcare professionals,” said Tamar Frolichstein-Appel, the Senior Employment Services Advisor & Healthcare Community Lead at Upwardly Global.

What was the purpose of this webinar?

Upwardly Global approached CITI Program to help them engage their learners and encourage them to complete courses that could help with career development. Their learners are job seekers in clinical research who range from individuals looking to enter the industry to more experienced medical professionals looking to transition and explore clinical research positions.

What does this webinar cover?

In this webinar, we explain:

  • Background of CITI Program
  • What types of organizations utilize CITI Program training
  • Overview of some of our clinical research-related courses, including who they are designed for and what they cover
  • Clinical research job market growth and prospective roles for job seekers
  • How to share your course completions on your resume/CV and social media

You can also hear a question-and-answer session between CITI Program presenters and job seekers.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar was designed for clinical research job seekers. CITI Program courses can be used to advance yourself professionally, by learning foundational skills and knowledge about a clinical research role or by developing greater knowledge about a particular topic.

Watch This Webinar

Sharing Course Completions

You can list your completed CITI Program courses on your resume or curriculum vita, as well as share a unique hyperlink to your completion records. CITI Program also offers an option to share your completions on LinkedIn.