New CRC Foundations Course

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A new course entitled CRC Foundations is now available. The course provides a foundational training focusing on operational and regulatory elements necessary for the ethical conduct of clinical research, while at the same time it is specifically tailored to the needs of clinical research professionals. To supplement the CRC course organizations may also create an organization-specific module and learners may purchase Regulatory Binder Tabs to help organize information collected throughout the course of a clinical research study.

The CRC Foundations course is available to subscribing organizations for $500/year per site, in addition to the base subscription fee, or $800/year per site as part of a combined subscription to both CRC Foundations and CRC Advanced. Independent learners can purchase the course for $165/learner or for $300/learner as part of a combined subscription to both CRC Foundations and CRC Advanced.


  • CITI CRC Course: Overview
  • Planning Research
  • Funding, Financial Management, and Budgeting
  • Working with the IRB
  • Protocol Review and Approvals
  • Principal Investigator (PI) Responsibilities
  • Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Responsibilities
  • Sponsor Responsibilities
  • Informed Consent
  • Site Management, Quality Assurance, and Public Information
  • CRC Resources

CRC Organization-Specific Module

Organizations may supplement the CRC course with an organization-specific module. Requests made prior to 30 September 2015 will be included for no additional fee. Modifications to the module or requests made after this date are subject to CITI Program’s custom content development fees. Contact or get started on the CRC Module Questionnaire to initiate the development of your organization’s module.

Regulatory Binder Tabs

Regulatory Binder Tabs include brief information, instructions, definitions, and delineate between required and recommended information to retain throughout a study. Five additional site-specific tabs are also included for optional use. Visit our resources page to download them at no additional charge.

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