New Conflicts of Interest (COI) Refresher Course Available

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A new course entitled Conflicts of Interest (COI) Refresher is now available to subscribing organizations for no additional cost or to Independent Learners for $100/learner.


The COI Refresher course provides learners with retraining on key concepts and rules related to the U.S. Public Health Services (PHS) revised regulations on financial conflicts of interest. The course is primarily tailored to investigators who receive funding from a PHS agency or who are required by their organization to be familiar with PHS regulations.


  • Conflicts of Interest and the PHS Regulations
  • Significant Financial Interests
  • Institutional Obligations as They Affect Investigators
  • COI Management Plans and Noncompliance

Organization-Specific Module

The Organization-Specific Module at the refresher level gives an organization the opportunity to retrain learners on its own conflict of interest (COI) policies. Subscribing organizations can create this module for no additional cost until 1 November 2015.

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