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This course covers the fundamentals of radiation safety for research and medical institutions. It provides the information necessary, including applicable regulations, for workers who use or are near sources of ionizing radiation.


Course Benefits

  • Designed to meet radiation safety training requirements at research and medical institutions.
  • Ideal for all users of unsealed radioactive materials at research and medical institutions.
  • Covers the fundamentals, safety practices, detection, biological hazards, regulations, waste handling, and emergency response involved in the use of certain forms of ionizing radiation.
  • Includes visual aids, case studies, and knowledge checks.



Technicians, Nurses, Physicians, Faculty, Administrators, Researchers, Staff, Students, Technologists


Meet the Authors

William Hinchcliffe, MS – Bridgeport Hospital and Yale-New Haven Hospital
Bill Hinchcliffe serves as Radiation Safety Officer and Assistant Radiation Safety Officer for Bridgeport Hospital and Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH), respectively. He has both his BS and MS in Health Physics from Purdue University and Idaho State University. Bill has been serving in his role at YNHH since 2010.



Zachariah Tribbett, CHP, CLSO, MA – Yale University
Zachariah is a radiation professional with over a decade of experience specializing in ionizing and non-ionizing radiation use in academic institutions. He is active in professional societies promoting the development of future generations of radiation professionals and participates in the creation of non-ionizing safety policies in the United States.