New Institutional Conflicts of Interest (ICOI) Module

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A new module entitled Institutional Conflicts of Interest is now available. This module is part of the Conflicts of Interest (COI) course and subscribing organizations may add it to their current offerings for no additional fee.


ICOI is a form of COI, emerging from a relationship held by an institution, that is an area of significant concern and should be considered when financial interests pose a risk of undue or inappropriate influence over research or other institutional activities. The ICOI module describes:

  • Various forms of ICOI
  • Core components of an ICOI policy
  • Governance models for ICOI identification, review, and management
  • Approaches for managing ICOI

Other Details

The ICOI module’s primary audience is institutional administrators but investigators may also find the content relevant to their activities. Therefore, a standard recommendation is to present it as Supplemental (Optional) within a COI learner group, which will allow each learner to review it at their discretion.

As a result of the new ICOI module, the title of module ID: 15073 is now Conflicts of Commitment and Conscience. Prior to this update, the title was Conflicts of Commitment, Conscience, and Institutional Conflicts of Interest.

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