New Webinar – Drones in Academia

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Drones in research are increasingly common, yet many operators and administrators may not be aware that the FAA regulates even small (“hobby”) drones and that they are subject to the same airspace regulations as crewed aircraft.  Through this dynamic webinar, the presenter distills the key regulations and requirements you need to know to operate a drone legally. In addition, he covers important considerations, including safety, liability, insurance, and privacy, beginning with an overview of the technologies and vocabulary. This webinar is ideal for researchers and administrators involved in all aspects of drone operations.



Compliance Professionals, Faculty, General Counsel, IRB (Member/Chair), IRB Administrators, Researchers, Staff, Students


Meet the Presenter

Adam Grant, BA – University of Maryland

Adam Grant is the Director of the Export Compliance Office at the University of Maryland (UMD).  Prior to UMD, Adam worked in the aviation industry at L-3 Unmanned Systems and as a Civil Servant for the US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).