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Erin Czarniak, BS, CPIA, LATg

University of Michigan

Erin Czarniak is the Associate Director of Quality Assurance in the University of Michigan (U-M) Animal Care and Use Office (ACUO). She joined the ACUO in 2016 as a Quality Assurance Specialist and played an integral part in the program’s development. She previously worked for the U-M Office of Research where she launched the highly successful Controlled Substance Monitoring Program. Czarniak has strong management and program development skills. She received her Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University in 2008 and has since completed the ALAT, LAT, LATg and CPIA certifications.

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Animal Care and Use Quality Assurance (QA) Programs


Discusses the importance of a QA program, how to develop a QA program, and the expected outcomes of a QA program.

Animal Care and Use Quality Assurance (QA) Programs