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Negar Shekarabi, PsyD

University of California, Irvine

Dr. Shekarabi, a licensed clinical psychologist, obtained her Master’s and Doctoral degrees at Pepperdine University where she focused her research on the intersection of culture and psychological assessment. She has worked in university settings providing mental health services since 2006, including UC Riverside Counseling Center, and most recently, the UCI Counseling Center, serving as a senior staff psychologist and outreach coordinator. Dr. Shekarabi coordinated the CalMHSA Mental Health Services grant from 2012-2014, where her work focused on mental health training and stigma reduction effots. As Coordinator of Faculty/Staff Support Services she oversees both Faculty/Staff Mental Health Care for employees.

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On Campus Podcast:
Supporting Faculty Mental Health


Season 1 - Episode 8
Discusses the mental health needs of faculty and mental health support.

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