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2023 NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy – The Basics

Effective January 25th, 2023, the new NIH Data Management & Sharing (DMS) Policy for NIH-funded or conducted research establishes submission requirements for Data Management and Sharing Plans, requirements for compliance with NIH approved Plans, and draws attention to good data management practices. The policy specifically applies to competing grant applications, proposals for contracts, NIH intramural research projects, and certain other funding agreements.

Public data sharing promotes new scientific discovery and improves the reproducibility of research results by enabling researchers to:

  • Openly and rigorously test data validity
  • Use combined datasets for advanced analysis
  • Reuse difficultly generated data

Visit the NIH DMS overview page for more information on how to plan and budget, submit and review, and implement DMS plans.

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Data Management & Sharing Policy Overview Additional Information