NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy for SBER: Implications for Researchers and IRBs

Learn about the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy’s impact on SBER.

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About this Webinar

The National Institutes of Health (NIH)—a leading funder of biomedical studies—also funds social, behavioral, and educational research (SBER). NIH’s new Data Management and Sharing Policy goes into effect January 2023. This webinar discusses the pathway to, and objectives of, this policy reform. It highlights elements of the new policy that are important for SBER researchers and non-medical IRBs and discusses how NIH-mandated data management and sharing plans and IRB protocols intersect. Lastly, it presents ideas for discussing data sharing in informed consent scripts and identifies how data repositories can assist researchers with policy compliance.

Webinar Demo:

Release Date: November 22, 2022

Language Availability: English

Suggested Audiences: IRB Administrators, IRB Directors, IRB Members, Researchers

Organizational Subscription Price: Included as part of an annual subscription to our All Access Webinar Package
Independent Learner Price: $49 per person

Webinar Content

NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy for SBER: Implications for Researchers and IRBs

Presented by: Dessi Kirilova, MA - Qualitative Data Repository; Diana Kapiszewski, PhD - Georgetown University and Qualitative Data Repository

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the reasons for and goals of the NIH’s 2023 Data Management and Sharing Policy (DMSP) and how the policy complements other efforts related to research transparency/access to data.
  • Review the most salient points of the new DMSP for SBER researchers and IRBs.
  • Understand how data repositories and their resources can facilitate meeting the policy’s objective.

Recommended Use: Required
ID (Language): 20571 (English)

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