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Upcoming Podcast Updates: Here’s What You Need to Know


As we enter the new year, we are thrilled to begin the second season of our podcasts, On Campus and On Research. They have undergone a makeover, boasting new hosts who bring their unique perspectives to the forefront. With a renewed focus on the intricacies of campus life and the dynamic world of research, our content is evolving to provide you with a more enriching experience. Join us as we plunge into the diverse landscape of campus experiences and evolving investigative exploration.

Season 2 of On Campus

Season 2 of On Campus will take a deeper dive with experts in the higher education space and focus on the campus experience. We will continue to explore important and diverse topics, the latest trends, and the ever-changing landscape of universities. Whether you are a current undergraduate or graduate student, faculty, staff, administrator, researcher, or any combination thereof, season 2 will remind you about the fantastic and transformative work on campuses across the U.S. and the world. View new episodes on On Campus.

Meet the Host

Team Member Edward Butch

Ed Butch, MS – CITI Program

Ed Butch is the new host of the CITI Program’s higher education podcast. Ed is the Assistant Director of Content and Education at CITI Program. He focuses on developing content related to higher education policy, compliance, research, and student affairs.

Season 2 of On Research

This season will feature in-depth conversations with experts, focusing on the latest trends, innovations, and challenges shaping research. On Research remains committed to extensively exploring the research industry, offering listeners a platform for insightful analysis and discourse. Join us as we embark on this new chapter dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of the dynamic world of research. View new episodes on On Research.

Meet the Host

Team Member Justin Osborne

Justin Osborne – HRP Consulting Group

Justin Osborne will be hosting the next season of the On Research Podcast. Justin has over 16 years of experience in the human subject research field. He began his career working for a local IRB and then a commercial IRB.