CRA Soft Skills, Time Management, and Effective Site Relationships

Discusses the importance of CRA soft skills in building productive relationships with sites and sponsors.

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About this Webinar

The job of a clinical research associate (CRA) involves managing the relationships they have with sites and sponsors. As a result, it is critical that CRAs possess polished soft skills including time management, prioritization, communication and working with others, and responding to pressure. This webinar explores the different CRA soft skills, and why they are so important in clinical research. In addition, learners gain tips for managing their time, improving site and sponsor relationships, meeting CRA deliverables, and adapting to ever-changing environments.

Webinar Demo:

Release Date: April 21, 2022

Language Availability: English

Suggested Audiences: Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs), Clinical Research Professionals, Clinical Site Staff, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Principal Investigators (PIs), Research Administrators, Sponsors

Organizational Subscription Price: Included as part of an annual subscription to our All Access Webinar Package
Independent Learner Price: $49 per person

Webinar Content

CRA Soft Skills, Time Management, and Effective Site Relationships

Presented by: Elizabeth Waddell, BS, CCRA - The CRA Helper

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the different soft skills used by clinical research associates (CRAs).
  • Discuss strategies for CRAs to build rapport with their sites.
  • Describe how CRAs can maintain effective relationships with their sites and study teams.
  • Identify different CRA deliverables and tips to meeting timelines.

Recommended Use: Required
ID (Language): 20564 (English)

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