From Protocol to Manual of Procedures (MOP)

Discusses the usefulness of a manual of procedures as a supplement to a clinical trial protocol.

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About this Webinar

A manual of procedures (MOP) can play an important role in the conduct of a clinical trial. Unlike a protocol, which can leave out the prescriptive steps necessary to carry out its instructions, a MOP is a compilation of specifications for clinical trial staff to follow to ensure that a protocol is executed faithfully. While a MOP is not a requirement for conducting a clinical trial, it can serve as a useful supplement to a site’s standard operating procedures and supporting manuals. This webinar explains the benefits of MOPs, how to construct them, their key components, and when best to employ them.

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Release Date: March 2, 2023

Language Availability: English

Suggested Audiences: Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs), Faculty, Principal Investigators, Research Administrators, Sponsors, Students

Organizational Subscription Price: $300 per year/per site or included as part of an annual subscription to our All Access Webinar Package
Independent Learner Price: $49 per person

Webinar Content

From Protocol to Manual of Procedures (MOP)

Presented by: Michelle Mack, PhD - Duke University School of Medicine

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the distinction between a research protocol and a manual of procedures (MOP).
  • Identify key information to include within the MOP.
  • Explain the regulatory status of a MOP.
  • Describe the use of a MOP in small and large trials.

Recommended Use: Required
ID (Language): 20566 (English)

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