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Research During Global Health Emergencies

CITI Program 9 March 2020 by CITI Program

Complying with research ethics is notably challenging during global health emergencies such as the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Investigators must have an ethical framework in place to address challenges created by the accelerated research that is sometimes necessary during these emergencies.

Read the report Research in Global Health Emergencies published by The Nuffield Council on Bioethics

CITI Program’s Disaster and Conflict Research Modules

As part of our Human Subjects Research (HSR) training, we offer two modules focusing on the unique features of disasters, emergencies, conflict situations, and how they affect research initiatives.

Disaster and Conflict Research, Part 1: PI Responsibilities
Defines disasters, emergencies, and conflicts and discusses contemporary disaster management terminology and the unique features of disasters and conflict situations that affect research initiatives. Defines the challenges for disaster research in natural and man-made disasters (including conflict). Identifies the public health and medical concerns in disasters that affect disaster research initiatives and discusses the frameworks for disaster management utilized by public health and medical providers.

Disaster and Conflict Research, Part 2: Best Practices and Recommendations
Identifies the research tools and methods in disaster management utilized by public health and medical providers to enhance communication between research teams and disaster responders. Discusses practical challenges and strategies for human subjects research in natural and man-made disasters (including conflicts). Defines key disaster research priorities for disasters and/or conflicts. Provides guidelines for conducting disaster and conflict research.

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