Review CITI Program’s latest additions to the ever-evolving course catalog.

New CRC Advanced Course  – Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)

The CRC Advanced course provides clinical research professionals with advanced training tailored to the CRC’s critical role in the conduct of clinical trials and includes the following modules:

  • Project Management for Clinical Trials
  • Preventing and Identifying Misconduct and Noncompliance
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Subject Recruitment and Retention
  • Statistics and Data Management of Clinical Trials
  • Specialty Areas and Regulatory Requirements

Organizational Subscription Price: $500 per year/per site; $800 per year/site (total fee for subscribing to both CRC Foundations and CRC Advanced). If your organization already subscribes to the CRC Foundations course, the annual subscription fee to add our new CRC Advanced course is $300.

Independent Learner Price: $165 per person; $300 per person for combined option (CRC Foundations and CRC Advanced)

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New Essentials of Public Health Research Course – Human Subjects Research (HSR)

The new Essentials of Public Health Research course provides an overview of the structure and function of public health systems, differentiates research and practice, and reviews consent and ethical issues for public health researchers.

This course supplements the foundational training provided in a basic Human Subjects Research (HSR) course (either Biomedical or Social-Behavioral-Educational). Organizations may also add the modules in this course to their basic HSR courses to provide learners with focused public health research training.

This course is available at no additional fee.

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New Reproducibility of Research Results Module  – Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

The new Reproducibility of Research Results module discusses factors that contribute to the lack of reproducibility and the resulting problems that can emerge. The module also describes the stakeholders affected by reproducibility problems, a collection of reproducibility initiatives, and strategies that can mitigate or prevent irreproducibility.

It is intended for faculty, postdoctoral researchers, principal investigators, staff, students, and other members of the research community. It is free to add for subscribing organizations and serves to supplement your organization’s Basic RCR course offerings.

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