Final Rule Resources – Retired

CITI Program’s Final Rule resources have been retired. Please see our Revised Common Rule course, intended to help the research community understand the revisions to the Common Rule issued on 19 January 2017 with a general compliance date of 21 January 2019. The course provides a detailed review of the regulatory changes to 45 CFR 46, Subpart A, “Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects” (the Common Rule).

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Additional Revised Common Rule Content


Webinar – Preparing for Single IRB (sIRB) under the Common Rule

Dive deep into the sIRB requirement under the revised Common Rule.
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Webinar – Transitioning Research to the Revised Common Rule: The What, How, and Why

Learn about considerations and challenges for transitioning pre-existing research to the revised Common Rule, as well as required documentation and tips for IRB review.
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Webinar – Revised Common Rule: Overview of Revisions

Revisit the revisions it made using this comprehensive webinar.This webinar is also an excellent resource as an orientation for staff and IRB members on the major changes to the Common Rule.
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Webinar – Revised Common Rule: Revisions to Informed Consent

Explores the revised Common Rule’s updates to informed consent. Focuses on key changes, new elements, and updates to existing requirements.
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Webinar – Revised Common Rule: Revisions to Definitions

In-depth review of revisions to the definitions section of the Common Rule. Covers new terms added, updates to existing definitions, and potential implications for research review and conduct.
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