New Biotility Course – The 5 Pillar Strategy for a Lean Workplace

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The 5S system is a step-wise methodology for organization, helping companies to reduce waste and create an orderly, safe, and efficient work environment. Topics covered include foundations of the Lean system, structure of 5S teams, stakeholders to involve, and strategies for obtaining the best results from a 5S effort. In addition, approaches will be presented for positive environmental impacts, leading to immediate improvements with real long-term benefits.

Biotility: The 5 Pillar Strategy for a Lean Workplace course is tailored to biotech industry service providers and personnel involved in the manufacture and/or testing of (bio)pharmaceutical products and devices. This includes, but is not limited to, personnel working in: Quality Management, Quality Departments, Document Control, Manufacturing, Materials Control, and cGMP-compliant environments.



Individuals working in cGMP-compliant environments



Tammy J. Culp, HITECH, CPIM, CTBS, ASQ – RTI Surgical