New Clinical Trial Billing Compliance (CTBC) Course

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A new course entitled Clinical Trial Billing Compliance (CTBC) is now available to subscribing organizations starting at $500/year (in addition to the base subscription) or to Independent Learners for $125/learner.


The CTBC course focuses on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain compliance and best practices associated with clinical research billing. It is primarily intended for individuals involved in clinical research billing compliance including research staff, department administrators, registration staff, and billing/coding staff.


  • Before the National Coverage Determination/The Clinical Trial Policy and Its Meaning
  • Understanding the Term “Qualifying Clinical Trial” for Investigational Drugs and Devices
  • Implementing a Clinical Trial Billing Compliance Program
  • Study Document Synchronization
  • Using a Coverage Analysis to Enhance Billing Accuracy and Claims Processing
  • Coding Clinical Trial Activity Through the Insurance Claim

How to Proceed